Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shit happens, move on and improve.

Shit happens. When it does, just move on and improve yourself.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Annoying orange is trying hard!

Annoying orange is trying really hard, but he wasn't given a chance. Too bad too bad..

Friday, November 5, 2010

Annoying orange

Annoying orange is freaking annoying, he should stop.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photos finally!

Sorry to keep you guys waiting! Here are some photos that I had taken since the day I left Malaysia.

Family photo before departing.

with Xiao Wen.

Thanks for coming MC.

Do they look sad?

Taken in McD, the breakfast was nice.

Arriving at the worst terminal in Heathrow Airport, London.

One night in London! Although it was very cold, but sleeping in the airport was a nice experience though.

That's all for today. Hahaha... Please wait until next time. LOL!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What I am going to yearn for

Since I am going to leave Malaysia very soon, there are quite a number of things that I am going to miss:
  1. My family
  2. My girlfriend
  3. My friends in Malaysia 
  4. My keyboard
  5. Choong Ko Hakka noodles
  6. TV
  7. The basket outside the toilet where I place my dirty laundries
  8. Phone sessions with XiaoWen
  9. OM Mango Juice
  10. Chit-chatting with ball mates after basketball
  11. My grandmother's cooking
  12. Chinese New Year
Hopefully everything will be fine in the UK.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


At August 21st, I went for a 3 days 2 nights trip at Cameron Highlands with my friends. Well I think the word friends alone is not enough to describe the relationship among us since they are also my neighbours, basketball mates, ex-schoolmates, gambling mates, watching football and movie mates. We did a lot of stuffs together and never had a dull moment, except that Kin may sometimes potong stim a bit by saying that he wants to go home and also HJ, the champion procrastinator haha. Its really wonderful that we all have been friends to each other for at least 7 years and now we are still hanging out often though it will never be the same after september 16th, at least not for me. Anyway, I have to say it is very fortunate for me to meet you all.:)

Here are some precious pictures that we had taken during the trip.

Thanks to Ian's hp with a built in 5mp camera, we were able to take this quality photo.

Someone took this picture for us. 

Where are you looking at, Hazy?

Hoom and me playing PES2009. Lionel Messi and David Villa spoiled our Konami Cup dreams. 
Hazy's mission: Capturing the Snorlax.

Special thanks to Hazy for providing us great transport and accommodation. :)

To Ah Kin: You are always the source of laughter to us. It can't be helped though, funny things always follow you. Haha.. You have great potentials. Diligence and determination are definitely your advantages. Anyway, don't work too hard and take care of your health. Find a girlfriend if possible, if not you'll be under a lot of peer pressure. 

To Ian: I always wonder why you can shoot so accurately. You are always cool when it comes to decision making in whichever aspects, whether in life or during a basketball game.  Its good to have a friend like you. Take care and I hope that you can become a real MANYZER real soon haha.. 

To Hazy: Although sometimes you may procrastinate a bit, but to me you are a very smart and prudent person. Not to mention the jumping ability that you have as well as your good command of languages. Take care and I hope to see you dunk someday. Lol

To Hoom: You are very athletic. We were sincerely impressed by you when we saw you holding the rim last time, we weren't being sarcastic at all haha.. Really thank you for fetching us for basketball most of the time. Hope that I can see you wearing your Iron Man medal in no time. Take care.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have a lot of dreams since I was YOUNGER. And now my dreams are just getting more and more unachievable, some would say absurd. To be fair, some of them are quite unattainable. Hence, I will categorized them into 3 classes of impossible dreams: Class I, II and III.

Class I 
1. Studying abroad, especially in the UK. (Achieved)
2. Studying in one of the world most prestigious university or higher institution, eg: MIT, Cambridge University, Harvard University, Tokyo University, and etc.
3. Becoming a COOL millionaire, being cool is very important.
4. Owning a lab and a library.
5. Owning a grand piano or a music studio.
6. Watching Jay Chou's concert. (Achieved)

Class II
1. Winning a Nobel Prize or a Fields Medal.
2. Becoming 6 feet tall.
3. Becoming a world class pianist.
4. Talking to Jay Chou in person.
5. Dance like Michael Jackson.

Class III
1. Owning a time machine, or building it.
2. Having the ability to teleport.
3. Due to my status now, dating a pretty Japanese girl, haha..
4. Watching Michael Jackson's concert live.
5. Play basketball like Michael Jordan.

I guess I will have more dreams as I grow older. I know I will not be able to put a bracketed-achieved beside some of this relatively ludicrous and ridiculous dreams. But dreams are not dreams if they are easily attained. Hence I will continue working hard, and hoping that all of these impossibilities, in someday, may become REALITY.

Kar Sheng